Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Us?

Technology has been incredible for the state of business and innovation around the world. It has allowed companies to do things they were never able to do previously, which has in turn lead to the development of life changing products and better productivity. One particularly interesting innovation as been artificial intelligence, also known as AI. Many people wonder – could AI replace us? Although automation is wonderful in many ways, as it saves time and money, it could also take away millions of jobs over the next several decades if it is used in the way that many people are predicting it will be. However, many skeptics also think that AI could never truly replace us. Here’s the rundown on exactly what to expect from artificial intelligence.


The biggest indicator that AI might have the capacity to overtake humans in the future is that they can think faster and solve equations and computational problems that many humans cannot. Since AI are machines, they are designed to go through the same processes, over and over, every single time they are asked to solve a problem. Humans do not think this way, which is why we cannot solve problems this quickly. In fields where sheer computational power and speed of thought are most important, there is a chance that AI will be more heavily relied on than human work.

However, humans can take into account many factors that AI cannot. In fact, the strengths of AI can also be its downfall in many ways. This is because AI cannot think outside of the processes that it has been programmed to

have. What does this mean? It means that they cannot think logically in the same way that humans can. Humans are quite flexible in their thought processes, which means that in many cases, they can solve problems more effectively than AI can (even if it may take us longer).


Additionally, humans think emotionally, while AI does not. Although this may not seem like a big strength to some, it is actually completely invaluable. This is because many of the problems that we face as humans are completely emotional, particularly in many fields of business, social sciences, and entertainment, where a certain level of creativity is required to be successful. Creative jobs will never be replaced by AI, because the AI cannot think emotionally enough to produce something that will connect with humans (or at least not consistently enough to be successful). It will also be quite difficult for AI to take over in business, because business success requires connecting with the people around you in order to sell products or make deals.


Although it is highly likely that AI will be used much more frequently over the next few decades, particularly in math and science fields, it will never completely replace humans. This is because it cannot think in the same unique and complex ways that we do, and therefore will never be able to fully keep up with us.

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