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We are not just a blog focusing on genetics and health technologies – we are a community. We encourage anyone who is interested in genetics and healthcare to join us as a member and contribute to our efforts as a community. We offer many great perks for our members as well. You don’t need to be a healthcare or genetics professional to join; anyone can benefit from and learn from our content.


Our members range widely from genetics experts and researchers to other types of healthcare professionals to science students and enthusiasts. Many of our members have contributed to our blog by writing articles for us or sharing their expertise with our staff writers. Many have also informed us of exciting new developments going on in their research and their day-to-day work. We could not keep this site running without our members, and we are thankful to them for all that they contribute to our site.


If you become a member with us, you’ll be able to access content before it is released to the general public. You’ll also be able to communicate with other members through our message boards. We love to promote conversation about genetics and health through our site. We believe that intelligent conversation leads to real innovation in the field. We also love reading your conversations and working your ideas into our blog posts! Additionally, members can ask questions in our Q&A posts and get access to even more content about genetics.


Interested in becoming a member with us? Signing up is easy; all you have to do is fill out the form available on our website and provide some basic login information. We have two tiers of membership: basic and professional. Our professional members are able to contribute featured blog posts and answer genetics questions from our readers. Both tiers of membership get you the features we mentioned above, such as being able to live chat and join discussion groups.


We are thrilled that you are interested in becoming a member of our site. As genetics becomes more and more prevalent in our society with new innovations, we believe that it is important for people to be informed of new developments in the field. Our membership has been growing steadily since the inception of our blog, and we are very proud to see how many wonderful conversations and innovations have come out of it.